Don't Forget Your Manners!

This book is a solid foundation to build upon in introducing children to the value of good manners and etiquette for the 21st century. It is written for both boys and girls.

Showing respect and consideration for others, appropriate forms of greeting, formal or informal, how to have great conversations, the importance of proper grooming and personal hygiene, the appropriate display of behaviour in public places and the proper conduct of oneself at the dinner table especially in formal situations and cultural awareness are some of the topics addressed in the book.

Learning soft skills and good social behavior should be embraced by all age groups. This book while targeted at Age 8 to early teens- an impressionable age to positively influence children, is by no means restricted to their category. Some older children and adults have never been introduced to some of the aforementioned topics, hence they will benefit greatly from this book. For those who have a foreknowledge, reinforcing what you know is always an advantage.

Good manners and etiquette seem to have been relegated to the bottom of the list as to what society considers utmost importance today. Charity, they say begins at home. Many families are no longer playing their role in teaching children the rudiments of polite behaviour. What happened to the “magic words”:‘please’ and ‘thank you’ or ‘excuse me’? The absence or presence of these words could start or end wars. Discipline in schools have been relaxed as teachers are afraid of being called out or reprimanded.

What happened to teaching our children at an early age about proper grooming and hygiene and making them understand that it is not just a health benefit but a confidence booster. Parents have also neglected teaching their children about cultural diversity and empathy or the regard for fellow human beings, irrespective of class, faith or educational background. Today, we watch as slavery and racism become a pandemic rather than an abolishment of such acts that generations unborn can read about in a book.

Children need to be taught. This book, Don’t Forget Your Manners is a great resource. Parents and teachers, there is a Teacher’s Guide edition to assist you in ensuring that the main book is an exciting read and study for yourchild. The pages are colourful, pictorial and easy to read and understand. They also have an exercise at the end of each chapter to help assess what your children have learned. It is a book children can always refer back to even after it has been read and exercises have been completed.

It will teach children to become better versions of themselves whilst preparing them for future leadership roles. It will cause them to stand out amongst their peers simply because they have the knowledge and practice of the subject. They will have the added advantage required to compete favourably on any platform.

On a final note, the learning of good manners and etiquette should not be the preserve of a privileged few. If you are able, kindly pick up this book for a child or children whom you know do not have the means to own a copy. Help build a better future! Thank you.