Acquiring a new skill adds value

Formal Dining

Formal Dining sessions can be organized for Corporate groups, Executives, Private groups or just individuals. You can polish your table manners or simply learn the art of dining so you never have to wonder if you are using the right fork or be embarrassed ever again at the dinner table.

Household Management Training

This program has been developed to train the house keeper and ancillary staff to successfully manage the households and estates they work for. How to set a table, how to receive a guest, how to make a bed properly, working as part of a team and so much more will be covered during the training.

Vie Elegante (Stylish Living)

As a busy exec, creating the ideal social life can be a tall order when you’re unsure of where your interests lie.
Vie Elegante offers you a range of activities to engage in and sometimes a skill set to acquire: tennis, wine tasting, golf, private art exhibitions, fine dining, floral arrangements etc. This program is specially curated for you and your company of friends, colleagues and acquaintances. This is a forum for both business and pleasure. Who says you have to choose?

Afternoon Tea Tutorials

Whether your Afternoon Tea is served at an upscale tea room or right in your home, it is simply divine to engage in this quintessential British tradition the proper way. Indulge alone, with friends or colleagues and savour the experience.