While the saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” may not be entirely true,



Today’s youth are savvier than ever. Our children, pre-teens and adolescents are exposed to a much more international 



Training in this category may be bespoke but we also run generic training programs for organizations


At TEA, we use activities to enhance social relations and define roles within teams in the workplace


What Clients Are Saying

We deal with very discerning customers, very touchy and sensitive, one error and their perception goes awry. That's where the Etiquette Avenue comes to the resuce. Every detail is critical to them, including planning on rain in the dry season. Etiquette is value for money. Challenge is you will want to call them to be part of your everyday life. Yeah! Glad to associate with them

CEO - Scentifed by Cascades Luxury Limited.

Amanda Amusan, a seasoned Etiquette consultant, and her company, The Etiquette Avenue, have consistently delivered a range of valuable programs for our staff over the years. From team-building sessions to vision board parties and formal dining tutorials, they've offered a diverse array of services. As a construction company, integrating etiquette training has been a welcomed initiative that has enhanced our soft skills, ultimately presenting a more professional image to our clients. Amanda consistently brings a personal touch to her work, making the experience all the more enriching. For any business looking to gain a competitive edge in their industry, I highly recommend The Etiquette Avenue. Amanda's ability to tailor solutions to address specific needs is unparalleled. Thanks to The Etiquette Avenue, we eagerly anticipate our next event.

Kareem Okereke
CEO - Structon Limited.

The world has become more competitive and as an educationist, I have come to realise that in addition to academic success, the possession of adequate soft skills gives one a competitive edge. In preparing our students for life after college, we introduced etiquette into our school's curriculum. Amanda, who is a certified etiquette consultant, facilitates Formal Dining sessions for our secondary and A level students. This annual event has our students learning to dress appropriately and observing proper table manners, while dining to a 3- course meal. Her Etiquette programs have also included topics that address Comportment, Personal Grooming & Hygiene, Cultural awareness and much more. Our students are more confident, understand the importance of being well-mannered and are better managers of themselves. I have personally received testimonials from some of our graduates on the positive impact these etiquette programs are having on their lives. This is a testament to the fact that we are definitely adding value. Amanda Amusan is an asset to any people- based Institution. Her programs are relevant and transformative. She has become a part of our college family and we look forward to a continued fruitful partnership with her company, The Etiquette Avenue.

Mrs. Kehinde Phillips
Executive Director
Edgewood College, Lagos

Dear Amanda,
Saying your training has brought about a positive change and new way of doing things in our household is an understatement. The team you trained are showcasing their acquired new set of skill with joy and excitement. Productivity and attention to detail is on another level. Thank you for the great training sessions. Your patience , elegance and humility is all the team keep talking about. The training has been invaluable in our hosting and running of an efficient estate. The lessons the team and myself acquired is being showcased in all our residences. The enthusiasm and positive attitude have been derived from your energy . Thank you very much it was an enjoyable and engaging experience. We all can’t wait for the refresher course in Ghana 🇬🇭

Private Client
Household Management Training